Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks happen to many women, whether they are a result of a pregnancy or just from growing too fast for your skin’s elasticity to accommodate. As tears in the internal layer of skin called the dermis, stretch marks require much more than just an intensive moisturizing cream in order to be diminished or erased. Stretch mark removal requires creams or other topical treatments specially formulated to get rid of stretch marks.

Types of Stretch Marks

There are two common types of stretch marks: white and red. While older stretch marks tend to be white or silver-colored, newer stretch marks are usually reddish or purple in color.

Fear not, though. There are some things you can do to prevent stretch marks, as well as reducing the appearance of both new and old ones. Check out some of these options, listed from easiest to most difficult to execute.

What Can I Do About Stretch Marks?

Natural Stretch Mark Removal

Natural stretch mark removal methods include creams, lotions, and a variety of diet and exercise strategies intended to help repair skin. While generally less expensive than invasive techniques, these approaches are also less effective in removing stretch marks. While some natural products may fade stretch marks slightly, laser and surgical techniques are the only effective ways to remove stretch marks completely.

Laser Treatment Stretch Mark Removal

One of the most exciting applications of Fractional Lasers is for striae (also known as Stretch Marks). A recent pilot study of 20 patients showed significant improvement in the appearance and texture of mature (white) striae after 3 treatments were performed on moderate settings. Redness in the treated areas does seem to persist a little longer on the body than in the face, however this fades in time.

Surgical Stretch Mark Removal

Get an abdominoplasty. The only certain way to get rid of stretch marks is to — you guessed it — cut them out. If you’ve tried everything else and can’t stand the tiger stripes, a tummy tuck might be the ticket.

Verified Topical Stretch Mark Removal

  1. Mix the coffee grounds with warm water. This process is best performed using coffee grounds that have already been used to brew coffee. If you use the grounds straight from your brewer, you will not have to add water. Otherwise, wet the grounds as thoroughly as possible with warm water.
  2. used every oil and cream there was every day, three times a day, during my pregnancy and my stretch marks are awful! They’re deep and actually painful. They’re so bad that my body looks as if it was cut badly and sewn back together. I wouldn’t waste the money on creams.
  3. Eat a very healthy diet to nourish your skin (and your baby) from the inside out. Take your prenatal vitamins and eat the right amount of calories from healthy foods which provide plenty of calcium, protein, whole grains, and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables.
  4. Drink water Drinking water flushes out toxins, so you should drink 2 litres of water a day. It also helps the body to function more efficiently, helping with circulation and drainage.

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