Vietnamese cuisine cooking recipes

Eating and drinking have always been the needs as well as the pleasure of human, Vietnam Cookery Center desires to bring you that pleasure through delicious dishes. Nothing is as happy as mastering how to cook a dish and performing your talent of cuisine, these bring the joy to you yourself and your loved ones.



  1. 1.Beef fillet salad with tamarind sauce - Goi bo tai me
  2. 2.Vietnamese spring rolls + fish sauce dip - Cha gio
  3. 3.Morning glory salad with peanuts - Goi rau muong dau phong
  4. 4.Banana flower salad with pork and shrimps - Goi hoa chuoi tom thit
  5. 5.Green spring rolls + dipping sauce - Cuon diep
  6. 6.Lotus stem salad with pork and shrimps - Goi ngo sen tom thit
  7. 7.Fresh spring rolls - goi cuon
  8. 8.Grilled beef ball - chạo bò
  9. 9.Mixed salad with seafood - gỏi ngũ sắc hải sản
  10. 10.String bean salad with pork and shrimps - gỏi đậu que tôm thịt
  11. 11.Mango salad with catfish - gỏi xoài cá trê
  12. 12.Coconut blade salad - gỏi củ hủ dừa
  13. 13.Kohlrabi salad - gỏi su hào
  14. 14.Cactus bean salad - gỏi đậu rồng
  15. 15.Glass noodle salad - gỏi miến
  16. 16.Young jackfruit salad - gỏi mít non
  17. 17.Green papaya salad with prawn - gỏi đu đủ tom
  18. 18.Green mango salad - gỏi xoài
  19. 19.Morning glory salad - gỏi rau muống
  20. 20.Coconut agar agar - Rau cau dua
  21. 21.Three region spring rolls with pork and seafood stuffing+fish sauce dip - Cha gio
  22. 22.Green papaya salad with prawn - Goi du du tom



  1. 1.Sour fish soup with vegetables - Canh chua ca
  2. 2.Sweet & sour clams soup with dills - Canh ngheu thi la
  3. 3.Sweet and sour morning glory soup with dried shrimps - Canh chua rau muong
  4. 4.Chive soup with tofu and minced pork - Canh dau hu he thit heo
  5. 5.Stuffed bitter melon soup - canh khổ qua dồn thịt
  6. 6.Stuffed cabbage soup - canh bắp cải dồn thịt
  7. 7.Stuffed wax gourd soup - canh bí đao dồn thịt
  8. 8.Yam soup with prawn - canh khoai mỡ tôm
  9. 9.Sweet and sour soup with clam & dills - canh nghêu thì là
  10. 10.Sweet and sour soup with fish & vegetables - canh chua cá
  11. 11.Chicken soup with wild betel - canh gà lá giang
  12. 12.Mustard leaves soup with minced pork - Canh cai xanh thit bam
  13. 13.Stuffed cabbage soup - Canh bap cai cuon thit



  1. 1.Beef noodle soup - Pho bo
  2. 2.Crab noodle soup - Bún riêu
  3. 3.Fish soup in Quy Nhon style - bún chả Quy Nhơn
  4. 4.Yellow noodle soup - Mỳ Quảng
  5. 5.Vermicelli soup with pork - bánh canh
  6. 6.Snail noodle soup - bún riêu ốc
  7. 7.Carp noodle soup - riêu cá chép
  8. 8.Rice noodle soup in My Tho style - Hủ tíu Mỹ Tho


  1. 1.Caramel fish in clay pot - Ca kho to
  2. 2.Steamed rice with ginger - Com hap gung
  3. 3.Caramelized pork in clay pot - Thit kho to
  4. 4.Steamed rice in the coconut - Com hap trai dua
  5. 5.Stuffed tofu with minced pork, mushroom and tomato sauce - Dau hu nhoi thit sot ca
  6. 6.Steamed rice with pandan leaves - Com hap la dua
  7. 7.Vietnamese pancake with mung bean, pork and seafood stuffing + fish sauce dip - Banh xeo
  8. 8.Sauteed chicken with lemongrass and chili - Ga kho sa ot
  9. 9.Steamed rice with coconut juice - Com hap nuoc dua
  10. 10.Crispy anchovies with black pepper - Ca com chay tieu
  11. 11.Steamed rice with lemongrass - Com hap sa
  12. 12.Glutinous dumpling with mung bean, pork and shrimps stuffing + fish sauce dip - Banh it tran
  13. 13.Fried rice with garlic and chicken eggs - Com chien toi va trung ga
  14. 14.Steamed catfish with gourd - cá lóc hấp bầu
  15. 15.Sautéed pork with shrimps paste - ba rọi xào mắm ruốc
  16. 16.Sautéed pork with galangal - ba rọi riềng mẻ
  17. 17.Sautéed pork with lemongrass and chili - ba rọi sả ớt
  18. 18.Grilled pork with noodle - bún thịt nướng
  19. 19.Stewed snails with green banana - ốc nấu chuối
  20. 20.Steamed mussel with sesame crackers - hến xúc bánh đa
  21. 21.Bamboo shoot with pork - măng kho thịt
  22. 22.Stewed pork with tofu - thịt kho đậu hũ
  23. 23.Steamed tofu with plum sauce - đậu hũ hấp xí muội
  24. 24.Shrimps wrapped with tofu - đậu hũ cuộn tôm
  25. 25.Steamed eggs pie with mushroom - trứng chưng nấm
  26. 26.Steamed bun - xíu mại khô
  27. 27.Caramel pork chop - sườn kho tộ
  28. 28.Sautéed shrimps with lemongrass & chili - tôm rim sả ớt
  29. 29.Shrimps cake inTay Ho style - bánh tôm Tây Hồ
  30. 30.Pork paste with young sticky rice - giò sống chiên cốm
  31. 31.Steamed snails with lemongrass - ốc nhồi thịt
  32. 32.Caramel fish in clay pot - cá kho tộ
  33. 33.Steamed sea bass with soya sauce - cá chẽm chưng tương
  34. 34.Deep fried tuna with tomato sauce - cá thu sốt cà
  35. 35.Chicken with ginger - gà ram gừng
  36. 36.Chicken with tamarind sauce - gà xào sả ớt.
  37. 37.Roasted pork with pickled mustard leaves - heo quay cải chua
  38. 38.Sweet and sour squids - mực xào chua ngọt
  39. 39.Sweet and sour pork chop - sườn xào chua ngọt.
  40. 40.Roasted chicken - gà rô ti
  41. 41.Shrimps with young sticky rice - tôm chiên cốm
  42. 42.Sauteed chicken with ginger - Ga kho gung
  43. 43.Chicken breast with spicy sauce and sweet basil - Ga sot cay voi hung que
  44. 44.Caramelized pork rib in the clay pot - Suon non kho to
  45. 45.Dragon egg fried rice cake - Banh khot
  46. 46.Grilled pork chop - Suon cot let nuong
  47. 47.Steamed egg pie - Cha chung
  48. 48.Broken rice - Com tam
  49. 49.BBQ pork tenderloin - Thit heo nuong
  50. 50.Served with noodles+Herbs&Dipping sauce as - Bun thit nuong



  1. 1.Sweet green bean soup with coconut milk - Che dau xanh
  2. 2.Sauteed banana with coconut milk - Che chuoi xao dua
  3. 3.Tapioca dessert with honey dew - Suong sa hot luu
  4. 4.Green bean pudding with seaweed - Che dau xanh pho tai
  5. 5.Red bean pudding - Che dau do
  6. 6.Cassava pie with coconut milk - Khoai mi hap nuoc cot dua
  7. 7.Corn pudding - chè bắp
  8. 8.Caramel cake - bánh flan
  9. 9.Banana sweet soup - chè chuối chưng
  10. 10.Cassava pudding - chè bà ba
  11. 11.Taro pudding - chè khoai môn
  12. 12.Sweet dumbling - chè trôi nước
  13. 13.Grilled banana with coconut milk - chuối nướng cốt dừa
  14. 14.Corn sticky rice - xôi bắp
  15. 15.Marvella sticky rice - xôi gấc
  16. 16.Brown sticky rice - xôi lá cẩm
  17. 17.Red sticky rice - xôi nếp than
  18. 18.Lotus seed sweet soup with daisy flower and rock sugar - Che hat sen bong cuc
  19. 19.Layered rice cake - Banh da lon
  20. 20.Water Chestnut pudding with tapioca - che cu nang
  21. 21.Acerola drink with pineapple and basil seeds - Coc tai hot e
  22. 22.Mung bean pudding - che dau xanh
  23. 23.Tapioca pudding with coconut milk - Che banh lot
  24. 24.Coconut jelly - Rau cau dua
  25. 25.Tapioca pudding with jelly&coconut milk - suong sa hot luu
  26. 26.Banana coconut cream pops - Kem chuoi