– 5-10 mustard leaves

– 10g rice noodles

– A chicken egg

– 100g pork meat (fresh, unsalted)

– 150g fresh shrimp

– Spring onion


    – Shrimps: boil shrimps in water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Shell them and then cut in half, lengthways.

    – Pork meat: boil until cooked and soak in fresh water for 5 -10 minutes to make the pork soft and white in colour; then thinly slice.

    – Egg: fry and then cut in julienne

    – Spring onion:  cut into long pieces, about 10 cm. Dip into boiling water for 2- 3 seconds.Take them out right away and soak into cold water to keep the green color.


    – Place the mustard leave on flat  basket with dark side down.

    – Place pork first, then egg and noodlesand shrimps, then roll tightly until the edge.Use 1 onion string to tight it up after place 1 other shrimps on top to decorate. Serve with the dipping fish sauce.


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