– 2kg beef bones ( shank)

– 1 kg beef tender

– 0,5 kg beef fillet

– 300g onion

– 200g shallots

– 100g ginger

– 6 liters of fresh water

– 0.5 kg flat rice noodle

– chopped spring onion and coriander

– hoisin sauce + chilies  sauce

– mint leaf+ sweet basil+ bean sprout

– Mixture of lemon juice and fish sauce

– Spices (cinnamon, cardamon, star anise, cloves)

– 3 tablespoons salt

– 3 tablespoons sugar ( rock sugar)

– 2 tablespoons chicken powder (Knorr)


    – Soak beef bone and beef meet in warm water with 2 tablespoons of salt or lemon juice from 15 – 20 minutes to clean the blood inside. Then clean them by cold water.

    – Stew beef bone and meet in hot water from 4 – 6 hours with the low heat. Sometimes, skim off to clean the stock.

    – Ginger, onion and shallot: grill them until they turn to golden brown, wash and clean it. Then add them into the stock.

    – When the meat done, take it out and soak in cold water about 15 minutes and slice it.

    – Cinnamon, star anise, cloves: stir them in a pan about 5 minutes with the low heat. Remove them from the heat and put into a material bag.


    – When the stock finish, season with salt, chicken powder and sugar, then add the spices bag into the stock and take it out after 15 minutes

    – Slice white onion.

    – Blanch rice noodle, bean sprouts in boiling water and put them into the bowl, add raw beef, sliced beef meet, white onion, chopped spring onion, coriander and a pinch of pepper on the surface. Then add stock into the bowl.

    – Serve hot with sweet basil, lemon juice, soya paste and chili sauce.