Cooking Class for Professional Chefs

You are already an experienced cook and want to be guided step by step by our Chefs through the intricacies of preparing Vietnamese meals, on a 1- to- 1 private course. With this in-depth course you will be able to learn everything our Chefs knows, including all the tips and secrets that they usually like to keep for themselves. You can even start a Vietnamese restaurant with this knowledge !!!…


  1. 1.Artichoke soup with pork legs – A-ti-xo hầm giò heo
  2. 2.Beef noodle soup – Phở bò
  3. 3.Beef noodle soup Hue style – Bún bò Huế
  4. 4.Braised duck with pickled tofu hot-pot and taro – Lẩu vịt nấu chao
  5. 5.Braised pork in coconut juice – Thịt kho nước dừa
  6. 6.Broken rice + grilled pork chop + pork skin – Com tam suon bi
  7. 7.Broken rice with steamed pork pie – Com tam bì chả
  8. 8.Crispy stuffed catfish – Cá lóc dồn thịt chiên
  9. 9.Curry chicken soup – Cari gà
  10. 10. Dragon eggs pie – Bánh khọt
  11. 11. Dried noodle spring rolls – Phở cuốn
  12. 12. Duck noodle soup with bamboo shoot – Bún vịt nấu măng
  13. 13. Fish hot pot in Southern style – Lẩu mắm miền Tây
  14. 14. Fresh fruits spring rolls – Chả giò trái cây
  15. 15. Fresh spring rolls with tuna – Cá ngừ cuốn diếp
  16. 16. Fried crab with salt – Cua rang muối
  17. 17. Fried crab with tamarind sauce – Cua rang me
  18. 18. Fried prawn with tamarind sauce – Tôm rang me
  19. 19. Fried rice in pineapple – Cơm chiên trái thơm
  20. 20. Glutinous rice cake warped in banana leaf with coconut jam – Bánh ít nhân dừa
  21. 21. Glutinous rice with chicken+ roasted pork – Xôi gà xá xíu
  22. 22. Grilled beef in La Lot leaves – Bò lá lốt
  23. 23. Grilled beef with lemongrass in banana leaves – Bò nướng lá chuối
  24. 24. Grilled fish in La Vong style – Chả cá Lã Vọng
  25. 25. Noodle mixed with grilled pork & spring rolls – Bún thịt nướng
  26. 26. Noodle with soft shell crab and lime leaves – Bún cua lột lá chanh
  27. 27. Peacock tail – Chả đuôi phụng
  28. 28. Prawn with sweet soya sauce – Tôm sốt xì dầu mặn ngọt
  29. 29. Rice noodles with mussel – Bún hến
  30. 30. Rice porridge with fish – Cháo cá
  31. 31. Sauteed chicken with mango – Gà xào xoài
  32. 32. Seafood curry – Cà ri hải sản
  33. 33. Shrimps noodle soup – Bún riêu tôm
  34. 34. Shrimps paste on sugar cane – Chạo tôm
  35. 35. Spicy prawn hot pot – Lẩu tôm chua cay
  36. 36. Spicy salad with seafood – Lẩu hải sản chua cay
  37. 37. Spring rolls with young sticky rice – Chả giò cốm xanh
  38. 38. Steam rolled rice pancake – Bánh cuốn
  39. 39. Steamed Glutinous rice cake – Bánh ít trần nhân đậu và thịt
  40. 40. Steamed rice with chicken – Cơm gà
  41. 41. Steamed rice wrap on lotus leaves – Cơm hấp lá sen
  42. 42. Stewed bacon with grilled mackerel – Cá thu nướng rim thịt ba chỉ
  43. 43. Stewed beef – Bò kho
  44. 44. Stuffed squid with salty egg and shrimps – Mực nhồi tôm trứng muối
  45. 45. Stuffed tofu with spicy sauce – Đậu hũ nhồi miến sốt cay
  46. 46. Vermicelli crab soup – Bánh canh cua
  47. 47. Vietnamese crepes with pork and shrimps – Bánh xèo tôm thịt
  48. 48. Yellow noodles Quang style – Mì Quảng


1. The price may change if there is any special request (i.e dish not on the menu above)

2. Please advise us if you have any requirement about your diet or food allergy


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